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The benefits of meditation are more needed than ever in the fast-paced and constantly changing world of enterprise.

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Rigorous and scholarly, while also anchored in developing a personal practice, Meditation & Management is an intense introduction to meditation for MBA students and others training for leadership in market-based companies or non-profits organizations.

Workplace Programs

Our six-week course Leading from the Center, brings the benefits of meditation to your workplace: reduced stress, increased self-awareness, more productive focus, greater mental resilience, and responsive leadership.

Multi-day Retreats

There’s no substitute for short periods of intensive focus on contemplative practice, under expert guidance and in a supportive, appropriate environment. We list upcoming retreats and centers we know and trust, both in our tradition and in others.


The Meditatio Foundation teaches meditation, both for personal well-being and — thanks to meditation’s positive impact on relationships— for advancing the common good in organizations and society at large. Meditation is a practice found in all historic traditions around the world and whose advantages are now increasingly documented by scientific studies.

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Better Focus

Leaders who meditate focus more effectively on key tasks, integrate their personal values with the organization’s mission, and avoid distractions.

Less Stress

Business is stressful. But meditators learn to deal with it systematically, mitigating it’s toxic effects in a healthy, simple and inexpensive way.

Closer Teamwork

When your whole team meditates, they respond appropriately rather than react thoughtlessly to each other — and to other key stakeholders.

“Meditation clears the mind, relaxes the body and makes me more creative!”Min Xiong, MBA 2017
“The effects of ‘Leading from the Center’ have been profound — both in my personal life and professional life. I am a much more active and focused leader; and I am a much more active and focused parent and husband.”G. Watts, COO HZ Design Group
“Both professionally and personally meditation has taught me to act with intention as a leader. It is my job to add meaning to the culture of the organizations I lead. Meditation has given me the tools to be able to lead through my values.”Tadina Ross, MBA 2018
“I feel much calmer, happier, and healthier after starting my meditation practice. My patience and attention span have increased, and I truly enjoy interactions with friends and family more.”Erin McDowell, MBA 2018

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